Taliban leader warns against danger of infiltrators


Nearly over two months since taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban are finding it out that it's not actually very easy to run a country the economy is failing. There is the threat of the isis horizon group, and now the Taliban is woken up to the danger of infiltrators and turn courts as they are Being described in the latest threat facing the Taliban.

The supreme leader of the Taliban habitually has issued a rare public statement reflecting the seriousness of this issue. Now, akunzada has said that there could be some unknown entities within the ranks of the Taliban who are working against the will of the Taliban government. It's also enough to urge the Taliban Commanders to try and purge their ranks.

This is not the first time that a senior Taliban leader has issued such a warning. In the month of September, the acting defense minister, Mullah Muhammad Yaqub, had said that there are some impostors who want to join the Taliban to defame the group. These warnings have come as the Taliban is on a recruitment drive as it is seeking to maintain security in the country, But the group has not been very successful so far after nearly about 20 years of guerrilla warfare, in which they managed to ask the Americans the Taliban enough facing similar tactics being employed against them, but there are suicide bombings and there are civilian massacres that are being employed as a tactic to try and destabilize the government in Afghanistan.

On Tuesday at least about 19 people were killed, including a Taliban Commander in a suicide bomb attack at a military hospital in the heart of Kabul. The visitor was yet again claimed by the isis horizon group, but the Taliban commanders continue to insist that they can still establish law and order and security throughout the length and breadth of Afghanistan. But there have been several killings that have been blamed on the Taliban themselves.

Last week, gunmen who presented themselves as the Taliban killed three wedding guests in a dispute over music Taliban, insists that such people are not acting under orders and is promised that they will be punished, but with acts like these beat from imposters or their own, the Taliban Will find it extremely hard to gain legitimacy not only from the world but the very people that they seek to govern.

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