Taliban appoints 44 governors, police chiefs around Afghanistan

 The Afghan Taliban have appointed its members to key positions at the provincial level across Afghanistan, Taliban spokespersons Abiola, mujahids unveiled the names of new provincial governors, deputy governors, police chiefs. Interestingly, no women have been included in the list.

Once again, the Taliban has appointed 44 of its members to key roles on the directives of the group supreme leader, mullah kunzada, and the Latest appointments by the Taliban, a key step in bolstering their governance, while the country grapples with my mounting security and economic force. Now it is the first large-scale round of appointments announced since the Taliban formed its cabinet in September. As per the list of Taliban members, new roles now Kariba will serve as the governor of Kabul Ali Bali, Jan hamza, as the city's police chief, while mufti Muhammad Idris.

As Kabul's new deputy governor, the previous commander of charge in charge of Kabul, security, Malvi mukhlis, was killed this month in an attack on a military hospital in Kabul. Other key designations include nazi as the deputy governor of the bulk province, Abdullah saradi, as the governor of the Bamiyan province Khari bhaktiya, to be the governor of Baghlan province, Abdul Ghani as the governor of Badakhshan province, and sheikh azizu Rahman. As the Deputy Governor of the Pattaya province, despite repeated international calls for an inclusive government, including minorities and women, no progress has been witnessed in that regard till now.

The Taliban seized power in august after overrunning the capital. Since then, the group is struggling to fulfill its promise to restore order and security. After decades of war, the Taliban expanded their ranks rapidly by recruiting former forces, allied Islamist Militants, and young madrasa students.

While the afghan economy has plunged into a crisis, the Taliban movement also faces attacks from the Islamic state. Qarasan Islamic state has carried out a spate of attacks around the country. Taliban commanders insist that they can re-establish security and security, but there have been killings blamed on Taliban elements or extremist infiltrators.

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