Sudan Coup: Over 100 people rounded up in Khartoum, military use tear gas on protesters

 What is happening in Sudan, where the protesters against the military coup have launched a two-day civil disobedience movement in the capital city of Khartoum, Sudan security forces resorted to using tear gas to disperse multiple anti-coup protests forces rounded up nearly about a hundred protesters in the latest Crackdown on civilians, that included teachers and other workers in the education system. Sudanese military has seized power on the 25th of October and since then, a nationwide anti-coup protest has been held virtually every day, they're being shut down by security forces as well. At least about 14 protesters have been killed so far that about 300 others have been wounded.

Protesters have also barricaded streets, they've set car towers ablaze and called for the return of the civilian Government call for today's civil disobedience. The movement has been made by the Sudanese professionals association. It is an umbrella of unions, which was also instrumental in the protest that ousted former President Umar al-Bashir.

In 2019. , the group's appeal for civil disobedience was circulated via text messages to bypass internet outages in place. Since the takeover And on Sunday, an Arab League delegation met with Sudan's prime minister hamduk.

Currently, who is under house arrest and also the top military general Burhan. And they stressed the importance of dialogue in order to return to a civilian-military partnership and also discussed ways to resolve disagreements within the establishment. The military's takeover has also sparked international condemnation, including Cuts of economic aid.

The takeover has halted the country's very fragile but planned transition to democratic rule. Its civilian leaders are either detained or presently under house arrest, but still, the top Sudanese general Burhan has continued to insist that this is not a coup but actually a rectification of the course of transition towards the civilian rule.

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