Subway accused of deceiving public

Subway is in the soup now where a new version of a lawsuit has accused it of deceiving the public in u.s about its tuna products.

Subway accused of deceiving public

The lawsuit said lab testing shows they contain animal proteins such as chicken pork and cattle and not the advertised hundred percent tuna, subway said in a statement it will seek to dismiss the reckless and improper lawsuit. 

But subway as expected has not taken Charges vary kindly. the chain said plaintiffs have fled filed in fact three medicalize complaints changing their theory and story every time and its high quality wild-caught hundred percent tuna was regulated strictly in the u.s and around the world. since the case began in January survey has run tv ads and launched a website defending its tsuna it also revamped its menu but not its tuna saying an upgrade was not needed.

The original complaint claimed that subway tuna salad sandwiches and wraps were bereft of tuna. while an amended complaint said they were not a hundred percent sustainably caught skipped jack and yellowfin tuna. he was the district judge who dismissed the second version last month saying plaintiffs did not show they bought subway tuna based on alleged misrepresentations.

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