Sri Lankan justice minister submits resignation over Presidential task force

 Sri Lankan president got ta barragepak says facing resistance to his one country, one law plan in the latest. His justice minister Ali Sabri submitted his letter of resignation both for his parliamentary seat and for his justice portfolio.

So far the president has refused to accept his resignation. Letter sources say that the main bone of contention here for justice, minister Sabri, is the appointment of galagora ate Gananasara to head the presidential task force to establish one country, one law, legal reform. Gallagher.

Sarah is a hardline Buddhist monk known for his anti-muslim stance. The one country one law was an election slogan of president Rajapaksa. In 2019, he was elected with the overwhelming support of the country's Buddhist majority. The creation of the presidential task force comes months after a cabinet decision to mend the country's Muslim personal laws, but the 13-member task force itself has no representatives from the Tamil minority community or women, though it has four Muslim scholars. Now the idea of reforming the country's law was promoted by the ruling SLPP party in a bid to win the support of the single community in Sri Lanka as a counter to the rising extremism.

The task force is supposed to study the implementation of one country. One law concept and submit a report prepare a Draft act by February next year. So far the move is proved to be highly unpopular from minority communities and the bishops in the country, sources say justice Minister Sabri took offense at the appointment of the presidential task force, feeling that it combined on his authority. The president has clarified that the presidential task force will not be formulating any laws, the powers of which will be wasted with the justice ministry. The campaign of one country, one law, gained momentum after the 2019 easter suicide attack, in which over 270 people, including 11 Indians, were killed, and over 500 people injured. The attack was blamed on extremist Islamic groups.

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