Sri Lankan bishops urge govt to abandon 'one country, one law' concept

 Where president Gotabaya Rajapaksa appointed a tax force last month for the establishment of the one country, one law concept, and now, according to the latest, update Sri Lankan bishops, have asked the government to abandon the plan. The 13-member task force is headed by a hardline Buddhist monk, who is known for his anti-muslim stance.

The chairman of the task force, terra, is a controversial figure in Sri Lanka. His border balasana or the forces of Buddhist power was implicated in the anti-muslim riots in 2013.

The one country, one law concept, was an election slogan of Rajapaksa in 2019. That's when Rajapaksa was elected president with overwhelming support from the nation's Buddhist majority. The task force is set to prepare a dropped act for the island nation to submit and even submit reports to the president once a month.

The final report will be submitted On or before the end of February next year. Lancome bishop Winston Fernando, who is also the president of the catholic bishops conference, has taken a strong exception to the government's move. The catholic bishops conference has criticized the purpose of the task force and the manner in which it was appointed.

The bishops said in a statement that I quote: no one would oppose the one country, one law objective in governance, provided it stems as a corollary of the Constitution of the country, but to appoint a presidential task force by a special gazette comprising hunt-picked individuals from outside. Without any reference to the democratically elected legislature is unacceptable, the statement added that to appoint a person without giving any consideration to his past records to chair the presidential task force is adding insult to injury. The bishop said the parliamentary process has been Ignored in a matter of such great concern.

The Sri Lankan bishops have made a strong appeal for the repeal of the gazette notification. Instead of the legislation, Sri Lankan bishops have demanded the president draft a new constitution.

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