South Africa investigates seal deaths along Cape coast, veterinarians suspect malnutrition


The sudden emergence of multiple seal carcasses is sounding an alarm among officials. Seal deaths are common during this time of year, but what has led to the sudden spike in the number? Is it pollution, malnutrition, or some other reason? Our next report investigates south African officials are investigating an alarming spike in Sealed deaths, scores of sealed carcasses have been washing up on beaches in cape town and along the rugged coastline.

North of the city, James brent stein, a spokesman for the western cape province's environment department, said seal deaths are considered normal at this time of year, but not to this extent. One of the theories. One of the early theories is That it might be malnutrition.

Lots of the sealed carcasses are small and seem to be thin, so it might be due to number two malnutrition, the lack of food in the oceans, but um. It is only a theory.  we hope to have a further full clarity when, when the reports come back from the state via the state veterans services, the provincial government said last week, It had buried almost 200 seals experts believe an avian influenza epidemic affecting wild sea birds in the area Is probably not behind the spate of seal deaths, [, Music, ], an alarming spy conceals deaths along the coast of the western cape is currently being investigated.

The department of environmental affairs and development planning in the western cape says they are aware of the dying seals that have Been washing up along the coast over the past few weeks. The experts have said that some deaths among the seal population at this time of the year can be expected. However, the current number of dying seals is alarming.

The experts have also confirmed that the seal deaths are not likely to be caused by the ongoing avian influenza epidemic affecting wild sea birds in the western cape. The department says our veterinary service is already conducting tests on debt seals to Determine the actual cause of these debts, and the report is expected anytime this week this is called the normal from Pretoria.

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