Setback for Joe Biden's American dream

 The pillar of u. s president joe biden's domestic agenda has once again hit a roadblock top.

U. S democrats have abruptly postponed an expected House vote on the 1. 85 trillion dollars social and environmental measure.

Democratic leaders had hoped to see the house approve two measures on Friday and produce twin triumphs for president joe Biden, but those plans were dashed. After sending the plan known as build back beta to the upper chamber, The u.s house of representatives leaders aimed to pass part of the package that is a 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. But Democrats were forced to postpone the social spending vote after a revolt by moderate lawmakers in their ranks. After hours of talks, a half dozen moderates insisted they would vote against the sprawling social and climate bill.

That was unless the non-partisan congressional budget office first provided its cost estimate for the measure. Democratic leaders have said they would take days or even more, to sort this issue out, give it away to the pharmaceutical. We have waited a while.

We had hoped to pass it sooner, but we can't wait too much later for the legislation. I do believe that there are a large number of members of the Progressive caucus who will vote for the bill. I am absolutely convinced beyond a doubt that before thanksgiving the week of the 15th, we will pass the build-back better legislation.

All members of our caucus have indicated their biff. Almost every member has indicated, and I believe we will have an overwhelming democratic vote and pass on our side now To build back better legislation. The democratic party has tried for weeks to find a middle ground on its massive package of health, education, family, and climate change initiatives.

That's been hard in parts, because democrats, slender majority means they need the support of every senate democrat also they can have no more than three defectors in the house. The house leaders have also been struggling to balance demands from progressives and Moderates while in a bid to hand Biden a needed victory. House leaders still prepared to try pushing an accompanying one trillion dollar package, but even that popular bill's fate remains in doubt, progressives threatened to vote against the bill with road and other infrastructure projects.

Progressives demanded that the two measures be voted on together. This is to pressure moderates to support the larger, more expansive Social measure we and correspondent. Susan Tehrani has sent us this report from new york.

[ Music ] events unfolding on Friday on capitol hill have been nothing short of being dramatic after being forced to put the build a back better plan. The massive social spending bill is on the back burner, for now, democrats in the house decided to go ahead and bring up the infrastructure bill to vote on Friday, Basically abandoning an arrangement with progressive democrats to vote on the infrastructure bill and the social spending bill together. This announcement by house speaker Nancy Pelosi caught off guard the progressive democrats and prompted them to threaten not to vote on the infrastructure bill and then that prompted u.

s president Joe Biden to get involved later on Friday evening. Making calls personally to progressive democrats in hope of pursuing them to Sign the bill, however, to no avail as many as 20 progressive democrats have threatened to vote against the infrastructure bill if it reaches the floor. As for now, a central part of president Biden's agenda once again is in limbo and the house speaker, Nancy Pelosi once again feels defeated for another week.

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