Qatar's Foreign Minister voiced halt to normalization with Syria

Qatar's Foreign Minister voiced halt to normalization with Syria

As of now after the united Arab emirates, top diplomats paid, a visit to Qatar's top diplomat has now voiced hope for a halt to normalization with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. Speaking in a joint conference in Washington with the secretary of state Anthony blinken, the Qatari foreign minister, Abdul Rahman al-Thani, said we hope that countries will be discouraged from taking further steps with the Syrian regime.

Al-Thani added that as long as the Syrian president does not take any serious step, changing the position is not a viable option. Althani, however, also said that other nations had the sovereign right to make their own decisions on Syria. He says "We hope that countries will be discouraged from taking further steps with the Syrian regime in order not to Undermine the misery of the Syrian people, who are what they are and what they are living in right now,  Qatar position will remain as it is.

We don't see any serious tips by Assad regimes showing his commitment to repairing the damage that he made for his own country and for his own people". The statement comes after the UAE. Foreign minister abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan met Assad in Damascus on Tuesday in a clear sign of momentum to restore relations.

The visit took place amid growing conclusions that Assad has won after a brutal decade-long civil war that has left nearly half a million people dead. The UAE foreign minister is the most senior Emirati dignitary to visit Syria since the eruption of a civil war. Several arab states have backed mainly Sunni Muslim insurgents against Assad, But now the UAE has been at the forefront of this effort by some Arab states to normalize normalized ties with Damascus.

Earlier this year, it called for Syria to be readmitted to the Arab League and it had also reopened its embassy in Damascus. Three years ago, Syria is backed by the Gulf states, regional rival, Iran. The visit also triggered u.s denunciation. All these efforts to normalize ties With a dictator, Washington opposes efforts to normalize ties with Assad or even rehabilitate him. That is until progress is made towards a political situation to the conflict.

U.S top diplomat, Anthony blinked, has also reiterated the u.s concerns about rehabilitating Assad in Syria.

"I tell you we're concerned about the signals that some of these visits and engagements Are sending and I would simply urge all of our partners to remember the crimes that the Assad regime has committed and indeed continues to commit. We don't support uh normalization". U s President joe biden's administration has focused on humanitarian relief in Syria rather than military solutions.

It has vowed no normalization while Continuing to press for a peace settlement. Moreover, the u.s introduced a law last year called the caesar act which sets up sanctions for anyone working with Assad to rebuild the country.

The legislation came as part of an effort to encourage accountability over rights abuses.

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