New York: Spectacular digital mural on World Trade center podium for Diwali

New york city's iconic world trade center has been lit up to showcase a pretty spectacular digital mural to celebrate the festival of Lloyd's Deepavali. A crypto exchange firm that has its presence in both the united states and India, has partnered with the South Asian engagement forum for the event. We're combining the American tradition of viewing fireworks with the Indian festival of lights.

The firework display is also set to take place at the Hudson River. Now this celebration will stretch not for one day not for two days but for a period of three days and it will be held from the second till the fourth of November., who's based out of new york, has been Tracking this celebration very closely For us and has sent us this board, it's called the all-American Diwali and it's taking place here at the iconic world trade center in new york city. The three-day Diwali celebration is taking place from November 2nd to the 4th by showcasing a spectacular digital mural behind me on the platform of the world trade center.

Also, fireworks are expected on the Hudson river later on tonight on the second day, and it is the first time In history that fireworks to this extent are happening on new york's Hudson river. Apart from the fourth of July celebrations, these kinds of fireworks are usually reserved for America's independence day. However, organizers say that they wanted to bring the celebrations of Diwali, together with a fourth of July, celebrations, an American tradition to bring these two democracies closer together with 2.

7 million Indians in the united states. American traditions are being combined with Indian festivities. Also one of the reasons organizers say, the world trade center was picked as a spot was to pay respect and tribute to the new york city police department and the fire department. On the 20th anniversary of 9 11.

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