Migrants aided by Belarus try to storm border into Poland | US condemns migration crisis

Europe is battling a massive migrant crisis. Hundreds of migrants in Belarus descended on its border with Poland forcing their way into the European country.

Footage on social media showed hundreds of migrants walking towards the Polish border. Poland sent thousands of soldiers to border this area, enforced a state of emergency in the region with a complete media blackout, built a razor-wire fence, and approved the construction of a wall. However, the migrants remain undeterred and were seen cutting the razor wires using branches to try and climb over the fences.

Armed polish officers also used chemical sprays through some of the fences in a bid to stop them. Poland's interior ministry said it had rebuffed the illegal invasion and claimed the situation was under control. A Polish government spokesperson said that there were currently three thousand to four thousand migrants on the border. More than ten thousand others crossed Belarus are across.

Belarus is all ready To try and cross into Poland. Warsaw has warned that thousands more were on the way and future attempts to breach its frontier could be armed in nature, stakeholders Russian, strongman Alexander Lukashenko, facilitating a wave of migrants and refugees. The migrants, mainly from the middle east, try to enter the eu in retaliation for sanctions imposed by Brussels.

Minsk has reportedly issued Special visas allowing migrants to fly into Belarus. Lukashenko's government has repeatedly denied its role in this. He blamed the west for crossings and the treatment of migrants at the border, confirming that a large group of refugees was moving along the highway to the polish border.

The Belarussian state border committee said in a statement that was taking on an inhumane attitude. THE U.S state department has condemned this influx of migrants, Adding that the united states will not lessen calls for accountability, and is called on Baylor's government to immediately halt its campaign of orchestrating migration flows across its borders.

We are concerned with disturbing uh images and reports emanating from the Belarus Poland border. This weekend. The united states strongly condemn the Lukashenka regime's political exploitation and coercion of vulnerable people and the regime's callous and inhumane facilitation of irregular migration flows across its borders.

We call on the regime to immediately halt its campaign of orchestrating and coercing irregular migrant flows across its borders into Europe. Now the amassing of people appear to signal an escalation of the crisis. Germany has also urged the European Union to take action and help stem the flow of migrants illegally crossing into Poland.

The European commission president, usually wonderland, called on the member states to impose new sanctions against Belarus. She said in a statement that the use of migrants for political purposes is unacceptable, adding that the EU would also look at how to sanction third-country airlines that bring migrants to Belarus. Remember uh that brings migrants across Baylor rules.

Now. Remember the EU, the United States and Britain imposed sanctions on Belarus after Lukashenko unleashed a crackdown following a dispute disputed election last year.

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