Liverpool sporting director Michael Edwards to step down in summer 2022

 We start, though, with significant breaking news regarding Gerrard's former club Liverpool, Liverpool in the last few moments have just confirmed that sporting director, Michael Edwards, has confirmed to the Liverpool ownership group that he will be leaving in the summer when his contract ends.

Clearly, the owners have Been aware of this possibility for a long time now, given their numerous attempts to try and persuade Michael Edwards to extend that contract beyond the summer. Essentially, though, Edwards has decided that, after 10 years here at Anfield, it is the time for him to move on to face a new challenge, and he also believes that it will be beneficial to the club as well. Julian ward will step up from his role as assistant sporting director to take Edward's place when he leaves in the summer he was promoted to Edwards Edwards deputy only the last December, with the club's hierarchy, then earmarking him as a potential successor and in Julian ward.

In the statements released today by Liverpool, football club, fsg's mike Gordon, believes they've appointed the best candidate. He obviously has been full of praise for the work that Michael Edwards has done here and again reiterates fsg's attempts to try and persuade him to stay beyond The summer. While we also know that Julian ward has been working closely with Jurgen Klopp over the last 12 months as well, so it looks as though it will be.

It will be a well-managed and smooth transition, especially with plenty of time now between Edward's departure and, of course, Julian, taking on the


role and succeeding Michael Edwards in that role as sporting director at Liverpool football club Talk us jimmy Vinnie. Even talk us through um Edward's impact at Liverpool yeah. It's easy to point to the success stories, particularly in the transfer market, and you look at the influence that he's had in bringing the likes of Virgil van Dijk mo salah Allison sadio mane to the club and obviously providing Jurgen Klopp with a squad.

That's been capable of not just challenging for success, but delivering success on the field of play as well. The fact that they became Premier League champions and, of course, European champions as well, but it goes a bit deeper than that because Michael Edwards deserves praise for his creativity. In the way he's dealt with particularly outgoings as well, you look at the deal that saw Philippe Coutinho go to Barcelona.

We know about the long chase that Barcelona had to try and get there man. It almost ended in the inevitable conclusion of Philippe Coutinho. Moving to Barcelona, But of course when he did not only did Michael Edwards secure a fear of 142 million pounds, but he was also able to insert a clause in there as well that Barcelona couldn't come back in for a Liverpool player before 2021, without uh.

Without having to pay an 80 million pound premium on top of any transfer fee agreed on top of that, of course, he was able to bring in more money to swell the transfer covers for Jurgen Klopp, as well as selling the likes of Jordan, knight, Ray and Brewster, and Dominic Solanki for a combined 57. 5 million pounds, as I say, helping provide Jurgen Klopp with further transfer funds and clearly the way he's managed Liverpool's transfer dealings over that period of time has enabled Jurgen Klopp and the club to move shrewdly in the transfer market And enhance the squad that ultimately has delivered success on the field as well, and what a journey it's been for. Michael Edwards, since joining the club, has had a Performance and analysis back in 2011, taking up the promotion to sporting director in 2016 and that's the act Julian ward has to follow now.

Could the new challenge for Edwards be at Newcastle? Well, it might be because he Knows Eddie howe from their days at Portsmouth when Edwards was a performance analyst, and how a player the new Newcastle head coach was asked if Edwards would be joining him at st James's park. I understand Michael Edwards. The departure from Liverpool is going to be confirmed this afternoon.

Is that because he's joining you as far as I know, absolutely not? No, I know nothing about mike ledges, his Future he's someone that I hugely respect in the game and in what he does and what he's done for Liverpool but uh. No, as I said before, my main focus uh since coming to Newcastle has been on the players that are currently in the team not focused on January, not focused on anything outside than what influences the team against Brentford.

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