Language 'speed dating' in Jerusalem is bridging the hebrew-arabic gap

 In Jerusalem, language, speed dating is bringing the jews and Palestinians closer. What does that mean? A small group of Israelis and Palestinians are bridging the language divide through a learning model that replicates speed dating meetings once a week at a 19th-century villa the group of jews and Arabs practices each other's language.

  Take a look: Jerusalem, a city of political, religious, and cultural divisions. Here a small group of Israelis and Palestinians is trying to bridge a Hebrew Arabic language gap through learning modeled on speed dating. We should know how to speak. Hebrew really well in this country to be able to merge well in the community and find a good opportunity in a good field. It's a project I'm very much connected To because I'm in favor of Israeli Jews, studying Arabic as much as possible because I actually believe in coexistence. I see that this is the only way to reach some kind of a peaceful routine of life here in this region. About 20 students meet weekly at a 19th-century villa they sit together, jew facing Arab Arab facing jew. They practice each other's language and are guided by cards, spelling out scenarios that prompt Dialogue, every 20 minutes, a whistle sounds, which is when the participants rotate partners across tables Palestinians in Jerusalem. Don't study Hebrew in school in any way and it's the same for Israelis if they do study Arabic, it's Arabic, you can't use it. Therefore we came up with this initiative. You can call it a civil initiative that directly meets this need Of the ability to communicate with each other in each other's language. Out of this, the real important thing that emerges is the meeting and the acquaintances, quick and cordial encounters help the Palestinians improve their Hebrew required for dealing with the Israeli authorities and used to deepen their grasp of Arabic. I think that we both see them as very courageous people, because what they do is actually leave the comfort zone and Cross some kind of mental border, which many of us get stuck on talking in Arabic or Hebrew, and Jerusalem has a meaning. It's not like learning. Spanish and what's beautiful in this language exchange, is that once you have a Palestinian and an Israeli partner who share the same feelings of hardship and the same embarrassment of talking and to break this barrier of fear together in my eyes, it's worth everything Arabic is recognized By the Israeli Government as a minority language with special status and government documents is published in both Hebrew and Arabic, there was a trend to learn each other's language and partner through culture and sports. In the years of the Oslo accords, peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis, but this was largely cut off after Yasser Arafat rejected the offer of a Palestinian state in 2000. . However, people on a grassroots level appear to be again increasingly looking to speak To each other.

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