Key Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan military hospital attack

 two explosions followed by gunfire hit Afghanistan's biggest military hospital in Kabul yesterday and in the latest Islamic state. An affiliate group in Afghanistan has claimed the attack, and the group in a statement said that 40 people were killed in the attack.

However, the Taliban says that only five people have been killed in the attack. The attack also claimed a key Taliban member who Has been killed in the attack Malawi hamdullah mukhlis. He was one of the first to enter the Kabul presidential palace after the Taliban grad power on the 15th of august this year.

There is no clarity over his presence inside the hospital if he was the target of this attack, or was he just caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time? The explosions took place at the entrance of the Sardar Mohammed khan hospital in central Kabul. The Interior Ministry spokesperson, Kari, Syed koste, has confirmed the deployment of security forces in the area. The blasts have targeted the former diplomatic zone in the vizier, Akbar khan area.

In central Kabul photographs, videos have been shared by residents of Kabul. The visuals show Taliban security forces. Rushing through traffic after explosions gunfire was heard near a Kabul military hospital plume of smoke seen rising in a Distance.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility until now. An eyewitness while explaining the incident to beyond sources said that the explosion took place right next to the main gate on the inner side of the hospital. A number of Islamic State fighters entered and a gun battle broke out between the attackers and the Taliban forces and beyond.

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