Iraqi PM Kadhimi chairs meeting after escaping drone attack in Baghdad

And the violent unrest over Iraq's election resulted in that result. It has spiraled into a full crisis.

Nirak's prime minister, Mustafa al-kadhimi was targeted in a drone attack at his high-security residence in the capital. Baghdad's high security, green zone officials say that a drone laden with explosives struck the building the leader, however, escaped unheard from the assassination six bodyguards, however, were injured. Photos issued of kadhemi's office showed debris strewn on the ground, a damaged, exterior stairway and a door that had been dislodged taking to twitter moments after the attack, hadeemi called the attacks cowardly.

He also posted a video message: let's listen in in the name of god, the merciful to my family and people everywhere in iraq to all those who worried on this night. My house was targeted by a cowardly attack. Thank god me, and those who work with me are in good health.

Your heroic security and military forces are working on maintaining iraq's stability and protection. The cowardly missiles and the cowardly drones do not build our nation and do not build our future. We are working on building our nation on respecting the state and its establishments securing a better future for all iraqis.

I call on everyone for peaceful dialogue for iraq and iraq's Future. Long live iraqi minister academy also chaired a joint meeting for senior army officers and ministers. After the attack a statement said, security forces were taking the necessary measures.

Speaking to the agency sources in iraq's security forces say that the attack was on al-kadimi and was carried out using three drones, two of which were shot down security officials. Further added that launch from a site near the republic Bridge which crosses the tigris river in baghdad before flying towards the green zone. Minutes after the attack shots were heard and smoke was seen rising in the sky.

It remains unclear who fired the shots. Security has been ramped up in baghdad following the failed assassination attempt on iraqi prime minister, more troops have been deployed in the city. No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, yet the assassination Attempt on iraqi prime minister has been widely condemned in a statement.

Washington said that it was relieved to learn that the prime minister was unharmed and the attack state department, spokesperson, ned price, said i'm quoting here. This apparent act of terrorism, which we strongly condemn, was directed at the heart of the iraqi state. The attack was also condemned by india, the arab league, jordan, kuwait, lebanon, qatar, saudi arabia, Syria, united arab emirates, as well as the u.

n assistance mission for iraq. Iraq has been witnessing violent unrest since the last month. Last one month, pro-iran group supporters have rejected the parliamentary election results.

They've claimed fraud after their party lost the polls. For the last few weeks, the group has been camping outside baghdad's green zone. They also threatened violence unless the demands were met which did not, which did Translate into violent protests that took, took a life and injured dozens of others on friday.

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