Iran claims it stopped US from seizing oil tanker in Sea of Oman

The united states and Iran have taken their conflict to the high seas. There have been contrasting accounts from both sides about an incident involving an oil tanker in the Sea of Oman.

Iran's revolutionary guards have said that the united states navy tried to seize this particular vehicle. They also said that they stopped the attempt of the Americans trying to take away their Own oil tanker. The Pentagon, for its part, has rejected the claims that have been put forth by Iran's revolutionary gods in terms of what has happened in the sea of Oman.

Now the American official said that in reality, it is the Iranian forces who had seized a Vietnamese flag oil tanker last month and the ul forces and the U.S. naval forces were just trying to monitor the situation by intervening in the Iranian Security art court seized. This particular tanker, the state television, aired footage that showed a red tanker surrounded by about 10-speed boats.

It also included a recording of what the television said was the encounter between the Iranians and u. s forces. This has come as Iran has repeatedly warned the united states about its military activities in the Gulf.

Tehran has said that the Gods and naval forces have increased their patrolling to also secure the passage of Iranian ships and to combat fuel smuggling. Now the irgc's statement has come on the eve of the anniversary of the takeover of the u.s embassy in Tehran, that is, on the 4th of November 1979, where students had seized the facility in Tehran holding more than 50 American diplomats and other members of the embassy Hostage for about 440 days, Tensions have again risen between Tehran and Washington amid stalled talks on reviving Iran's 2015 nuclear deal with the six major world powers.

The nuclear talks are all set to resume on the 29th of November, and this seventh round of talks is all set to begin. After a five-month-long gap, we've made clear that Iran's continued nuclear escalations are unconstructive uh that they are inconsistent with the stated goal that Iran has put forward of Um seeking to return to mutual compliance with the jcpoa. We've also been very clear that Iran's nuclear provocations and escalations won't provide Iran with any additional negotiating leverage When talks uh resume.

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