Hundreds of migrants are stuck in the freezing cold as Poland seals its border to Belarus

Hundreds of migrants stuck at the border between Belarus and Poland, are to spend another cold night without shelter. Amid a bitter standoff between the two sides, Belarus says it will not stop migrants trying to cross its borders into EU territory, but EU member Poland is refusing to let the migrants in and has warned of, an armed escalation.

If the situation continues. People are caught in the middle as tension Builds between Poland and Belarus on the Belarus side of the border. Hundreds of migrants are camped out in the freezing cold watched over by polish police and soldiers across the barbed wire.

Poland's prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki visited troops massed along the border. He said Belarus was using the migrants, as a quote, live shields in a new kind of hybrid warfare. Poland has closed an official border Crossing from Belarus in a tweet Morawiecki said today the stability and security of the entire EU are at stake. This hybrid attack of Lukashenko's regime is aimed at all of us. We will not be intimidated and we will defend peace in Europe with our partners from nato and the EU.

The EU accuses Belarus of flying migrants into Minsk, then helping them get to the borders with its EU neighbours. In an effort to destabilize The block, Belarus denies this blaming Poland for escalating the crisis and using excessive force to push back migrants. Belarusian leader, alexander Lukashenko says he does not want an armed confrontation, but nor will he back down.

We know our place, but we will not kneel. Poland has declared a state of emergency along the border. Journalists and humanitarian groups are barred from the area.

On the other side, only Belarus state-aligned media has access. The migrants have mainly come from the middle east, fleeing war or poverty. They want to head further west for a better future.

In Europe, human rights activists say, food and medicine are in short supply and temperatures are dipping below freezing a humanitarian crisis unfolds as the threat of conflict rises. Well, DW correspondent, marina Strauss, is Reporting from just outside Poland's border exclusion zone from which independent journalists are banned.

She Said: "Here it seems very quiet, but of course, we don't really know what's going on inside the exclusion zone and what's going on at the border because we cannot uh verify what's happening and there is a Belarusian journalist, an independent one, who is tweeting relatively often, who has Been tweeting during the day and he says that it's relatively calm at the Border and we've seen the pictures of the tens of thousands of migrants camping at the border.

We also know that there are migrants in the woods here on the polish side, it's freezing cold. I'm wearing the three kinds of jackets. I imagine that it must be really hard to stick out here during the night right. Polish people are a bit um Like split some say. Yes, we of course we have to protect the polish border, which is also the EU's external border. So we cannot let everyone in here um, and we cannot also bow to the pressure of the Lukashenko of Belarus, who sends the migrants here to our country.

But there are also, of course, a lot of polish people who say we have to do something about this. We cannot leave the people like women, children, young people in the cold and just not act, and here in the region. There are also many people who help migrants and refugees all right".

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