How will Taliban deal with ISIS-K threat? Recent attacks have targeted Talibs

 Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there have been numerous attacks against civilians and particularly against Taliban members themselves, since its violent takeover, the hardline Islamist regime of the Taliban has been fighting an invisible enemy. The Islamic state coruscant father experts have said that the tactics being used by isis k in recent months resembled those used by the former Guerrilla Islamist insurgents themselves.

Both the Islamic State and the Taliban are hardline Sunni Islamist groups. They differ rather bitterly on their strategy and the salient details of how to go about practicing Islam on Tuesday, at the main gate of a military hospital in Kabul, 25 people were killed when an Islamic state Khorasan suicide bomber detonated himself, allowing five other isis k attackers To storm the premises and rake up even more casualties, the Taliban's much taunted Badri special forces deployed via the roof of the hospital at least 20 minutes late, Abdullah makes, the commanding officer of the unit, throwing all caution to the wind reportedly decided to join the men Of his detachment, while they were conducting the operation, the SF commander, who was also a member of the Haqqani network, eventually became the most senior Taliban figure to have been killed. Since the insurgent movement Seized Kabul, the isis Corazon has claimed four mass casualty attacks since the Taliban takeover, including suicide bomb blasts targeting Shiite musk, but to the familiar or through the unfamiliar eye.

There is virtually no difference at least very visually, is what sets apart a Taliban gunman deployed on the streets of Kabul to an Islamic State fighter who has come from the hinterlands. According to local sources, the bulk of the Taliban's men Kept the same facial hair and largely wear similar clothing.

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