Global Chip Shortage: AMD books capacity years ahead to ease crunches

Chip designer AMD or advanced microdevices have been able to skirt most of the problems linked with global supply chain shortage by forecasting demand years in advance. Demand for electronics gadgets from people stuck in homes due to pandemics has led to a shortage of semiconductors or chips that are used from anything from mobile phones and cars.

But despite its squeeze and supply, AMD Has been able to take market share away from rival intel. In both pcs and servers with its latest line of processors, companies with existing ties with chief fabrication, companies like Taiwan's tsmc, were also able to guarantee steady supply amd which does not manufacture its own chips like intel depends on companies such as tsmc and global foundries. To make chips for them, contrary to automakers, who are hardest hit by semiconductor shortage Um, it focuses on smaller, more advanced ships, which are less effective than the supply of mass-produced.

Older chips AMD has been focusing on high margin chips, which not only allows companies to channel resources but increases revenue projected to rise 65 This year.

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