German national football player Niklas Süle has tested positive for COVID-19


German national football player, Niklas Süle, has tested positive for the coronavirus. The team's confirmed that four other players are in quarantine ahead of Thursday's game against Liechtenstein and training has been cancelled.

The news follows recent criticism of Germany and Bayern Munich player Joshua kimich for not getting vaccinated. He is one of those now in isolation. Thursday's game is due to be a Farewell: a party for former coach Joachim nerve.

The German football association have told us that they've also said he's actually double vaccinated, but are still tested positive for coronavirus. He is now in quarantine, along with these four of the players.

We Can see him actually there arriving at the team camp last night with Jamal musiala, his Bayern Munich teammate. Now he shared a flight with musiala, so that means musialia is also in quarantine and will not play in Thursday's game. There are two other Bayern players who are in quarantine: that's serge nabori and Joshua Kimi.

Now we obviously mentioned Kimmy there, because there's been this big controversy in Germany about him being unvaccinated, Both the german football federation and Bayern Munich have said he doesn't have to be vaccinated, but they would like him to be, if possible, they were even asked in the Press conference today, whether the four players who have quarantined are therefore not vaccinated, and that is why they're quarantining the dfb refused to say anything about that because they've said four other players on the plane. Uh also have to have special measures.

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