Four more astronauts rocketed into space


Four more astronauts rocketed into space

NASA and Elon musk owns, SpaceX which has launched four more astronauts on a flight in the crew 3 mission. The flight marks the third operational crew of the international space station and is aimed at exploring the scope of space tourism.

The third of the commercial crew program missions includes a veteran spacewalker, along with three other crewmates who will fly into the space for the First Time. The quartet will spend about six months in the orbital outpost, conducting research on future deep space exploration and how it can benefit life on earth during the flight. SpaceX will also monitor a series of automatic spacecraft maneuvers, while NASA will monitor space station operations.

It's just amazing how far things have come from just a dream of even making it to space and walking on the moon to now space Tourism - and you know the fight it's taken to make the crew 3 flight comes just days after SpaceX concluded the mission, the Crew 2 mission four astronauts returned to earth. After nearly six months. The latest lift raises the number of people to reach space past the 600 mark.

The flight was initially postponed in the last week of October for weather and then a minor medical issue Affecting one of the crew. However, NASA did not identify the person but clarified that it was not covid related. The new crew will join one American two Russians at the space station.

The explorers are expected to reach the space station in less than 24 hours, and the second stage has done its job,

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