EU Parliament delegation visits Taiwan for the 1st time



The tensions are escalating between China and Taiwan and along with this, there is also talk of war. There's complex rhetoric that is actually circulating between China, Taiwan, and the united states.

That is feeding public concerns of a possible crisis in the near future. The pentagon is being posed with questions of conflict, military action, and also defense plans. Without giving out much detail.

The u. s military has confirmed that their defense support is something that will be given to the island nation in case of any Chinese Belgians, the pentagon's top general and joint chiefs chairman Mark Milley has said that the us military absolutely has the ability to defend Taiwan from Any attack by China if it is called to do so, although the united states do not Expect china to take any unilateral military action against Taiwan. Now, apart from military support, the western alliance is also trying to extend diplomatic support to the democratic island nation.

Taiwan has welcomed the first European parliament delegation to the island. This significant trip is the latest move towards stronger ties with Europe. Amidst the heightened tensions, Taiwan hasn't got any formal diplomatic Relations with any European nation apart from the Vatican city, but it is keen to deepen its ties with the European Union.

The three-day visit was organized by a European parliament committee on foreign interference. The European parliamentarians have hailed Taiwan for achieving a progressive democracy inside a dangerous environment. You have achieved This construction of democracy while being confronted with huge threats and in a very dangerous environment, and this is something that we have to pay tribute to, and I think that the world did not understand enough still how difficult and how courageous it is To build a democracy while being under threat By an authoritarian regime like the one in Beijing,  urging democracies for support after receiving an award of the Czech Republic, the foreign minister of Taiwan, joseph wu, had said, and I quote united, we stand divided before The Czech republic, like most countries, has no formal diplomatic ties with Taiwan, but it maintains robust informal contacts.

The vice president of Taiwan even took to Twitter to mock the united nations for not formalizing Taiwan. As a member state, he posed a photo of the general assembly hall with the caption. The united nations are big enough to make space for them.

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