Eddie Howe 'honoured and privileged' to take over at Newcastle United

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Eddie Howe honored and privileged those his words as he was presented as the Newcastle head coach this afternoon, he thanked Newcastle's owners for giving him the opportunity to return to management after 15 months and insists he and Newcastle are perfect fit. It feels fantastic to be a head coach of Newcastle, I'm absolutely honored privileged.

He says, "It's an incredible moment in my life and judging by the reaction I've had and how the two days of training have gone. It's been a really positive start. So I'd like to thank um, everyone who supported me and the board here for trusting in me in this important job.

You've had other options in the last 15 months since you've since you left Bournemouth, and why Newcastle everything just felt right um. It really did. I mean that the pull of the club is huge, um the size of the club, the history of the club.

Obviously, the new ambitious uh plans um the new owners when meeting them um knowing some of the players the squad. I just thought it was a perfect fit for me Um. Yes, I've had lots of other options, but I wanted to take my time and really utilize my time away from the game.

I feel refreshed energized, I'm ready to start work and he's got to start with uh a bit of a hurry up, because Newcastle is 19th in the premier league table. Just five points from 11 games: they're the only sides so far, who haven't won a league game. This season, so What are the targets given to how, by the owners, we've had some really good conversations? I've been very very impressed by their vision of the club, but, to be honest, I haven't delved into that too much, because it's all about the short term.

Obviously the position of the team um we need to try and address that very quickly and move up the league and the Aim is to stay in the league, is to avoid relegation. Are you confident that you can save the side from relegation absolutely confident that we can um, but I make no promises on that? All I can do is lead the club to the best of my abilities, I'll give everything to the job I'll commit 100. Every single day to try and bring success to Newcastle for, for everybody Connected with the club um, I believe we have the ability, within the squad with the players to achieve the aim, but it's going to take a lot of hard work.

It's going to take a lot of sacrifices. Well, Newcastle's new Saudi owners are expected to invest heavily, but human rights concerns have overshadowed their takeover. How was asked about this? This is my response Now.

For me, this was a football decision. I'm absolutely delighted to be the manager of Newcastle and that's my only focus".

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