Eco cement for sustainable home

Source: BK101

There's a famous saying: change begins at home, and this applies very well to the climate crisis. The world is facing.

The cement used in our homes is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gases. Did you know that? to counter that west Australian scientists have developed a low carbon, concrete recipe combining recycled construction and coal waste from the colleague. Here's our Report,

Turning new life into an old industry, this concrete mix uses recycled construction materials and fly ash waste from a coal-fired power station. The researchers say it is a unique approach that creates a geopolymer cement in a unique chemical reaction, and then it further adds recycled crushed rock and gravel, compared with conventional, environmentally friendly concrete, which Has 15 to 20 percent recycled material in it.

Collie creek concrete can use up to 80 to 90 percent of recycled material. It's not just about reusing waste products. The cement sector is the world's third-largest industrial energy consumer.

Also, the second-largest industrial emitter of carbon dioxide international energy agency says that it accounts for seven percent of global emissions, And this eco-friendly cement works right where it hurts it generated comparatively lower carbon emissions. The main waste product of coal combustion is fly ash. This power station in cooley creates 600 tons of fly ash waste a day and instead of being dumped, this fly ash waste could fuel a new industry.

We've supplied fly ash to Murdoch university in their Testing and trials and they've used that to create their mix. That works well with our fly-out. The recipe is still being tested, but the results show cooley could convert stockpiled waste into solid material.

The cement is also being tested, but one is for sure, if approved, it has the capability of ushering in an era of sustainable real estate.

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