Delhi's air quality turns 'severe' after Diwali as cracker ban goes up in smoke

 It's the day after the festival of lights, the pavilion the people of the national capital in India are waking up to a lot of smoke and very smoggy dawn. Now people burst firecrackers in blatant disregard to the government's ban and people from several parts of the capital and the suburbs complained of an itchy throat, watery eyes, and also irritation in their nose and throat.

There was a thick layer of smog that had enveloped the national capital. This morning - and this is the first such episode this year and the smoke has continued to linger on over the national capital and the surrounding suburbs. Experts say that the air quality has now plummeted to hazardous levels due to the unfavorable conditions, and also because of the smoke generated by Firecrackers and also conditions like calm winds, low temperatures, and also a poisonous mixture of firecracker emissions and stubble burning is what has resulted in this thick smoke that has now enveloped the national capital.

Now it is important to know about the air quality index to understand the scale of the crisis in Delhi. A score of 0 to 50 signifies good air quality, while anything above 300 is very poor. The Severe category is about 400 and it is not uncommon for new Delhi to witness a sharp spike in air pollution during this time of the year immediately in the aftermath of the pavilion now, according to the suffering model, forecast, the double burning share may in fact increase By as much as about 40 percent till Saturday last year, stubble burning accounted for almost about 42 of Delhi's air pollution, with the northwesterly winds expected to Carry the smoke from far in Punjab and Haryana towards the national capital.

Air quality is also expected to remain in the very poor category to severe category for at least the next few days.

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