Delhi: Layer of eye-stinging smog continues for 8th day

 The deteriorating air quality in and around the Indian capital has become a situation of high concern.

Delhi: Layer of eye-stinging smog continues for 8th day

A layer of air of eye. Stinging smog continues to linger in the city. That is Delhi For an eighth day now, the government has put out an advisory for people living in Delhi, NCR regions. Both the government and private offices will have to work on reducing vehicle usage by at least 30 Percent, so working from home and carpooling have been highly advised. Government officials have been asked to be completely ready for taking measures against the emergency category when it comes to air quality.

Now to curtail the worsening air quality trucks will be banned from entering the national capital, and construction activity has also been put on a halt till the situation gets better. The Delhi government's famous, odd, even vehicle scheme has also been reintroduced. What this means is that, on certain dates specified by the government, only vehicles and with even numbers will be allowed to travel on Delhi, roads and on alternative days, vehicles with odd number plates will be allowed.

So what has prompted this advisory? Here's some data. This is the air quality index of new Delhi, recorded in the last 10 days on November 3rd and 4th the pollution level was hovering around the unhealthy mark, which means that people in the city experienced several health effects or side effects rather, but the AQI then shot Up to 721 on November 5th, now this is the day after the Diwali celebrations and it comes even after the Delhi pollution control committee had issued a complete ban on the sale and bursting of firecrackers in the national capital. People across the city witnessed different effects.

Some caught heavy breathing burning and itching sensations in the throat and those with acute respiratory illnesses such as asthma, pneumonia, and more have reported deteriorating health conditions. Then, since November 6 there was a dip. However, the AQI remained above 300, which is in the hazardous category.

Now there has been a spike again since yesterday, which turned the entire city into a toxic gas chamber. It was blanketed in thick smoke, new Delhi's, aqi level peaked around 539 and then remained well above 300. Throughout the day.

Currently, there are more than four thousand farm fires, and experts say that this accounts for 35 percent of Delhi's pollution. Delhi's graded response action plan has Said that the air quality is most likely to be in the emergency category for the coming two days. According to Delhi's pollution control committee, people in India's capital breed the worst air between November 1st and 15th every year we request everyone living in such situations to stay indoors, avoid outdoor activities as much as possible, and if you are stepping output on a mask as A precaution.

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