Dalvin Cook is the Victim of Domestic Abuse & Extortion, Per His Agent

And breaking news tonight, allegations being laid out against Vikings, running back Dalvin Cook in a lawsuit filed by a former girlfriend and now cook is responding to those claims with his own allegations against his ex-sports director.

Absolutely this is a story. That's going to have some legs. Both sides apparently are filing lawsuits Against each other, and it looks like this one could be a messy situation, a troubling story as well.

Emerging tonight involving Viking star running back Dalvin Cook and a former girlfriend with serious allegations coming from both sides. Now cook's attorney telling fox 9 tonight, a former girlfriend broke into cook's, home and assaulted him and his two house guests and her attorneys are now trying to extort him for millions of dollars. The incident occurred last November at cook's residence in Inver grove heights.

Both sides have differing views of what happened that evening tonight. We searched for police reports from that evening, but it appears none were filed. Fox 9 also obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by the cook's former girlfriend that alleges cook physically abused her laying out in detail several violent encounters that evening and that cook prevented her from leaving the home to seek medical treatment for her injuries.

The Vikings released a statement tonight as well saying quote: we recently received notification from dalvin cook's legal representative regarding a situation that occurred between dalvin and a female acquaintance in November of 2020, and it led to an ongoing dispute between the parties. Upon learning of this, we immediately notify the national football league. We are in the process of gathering more information And will withhold comment at this time now.

Tomorrow, dalvin cook usually speaks to the media, we'll see if he'll be made available, and we could also get a response from the NFL and whether this lawsuit and these allegations could impact his status for Sunday's game.

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