Covid 19 cases are rising in Europe, Europe is at the epicenter of the pandemic

Covid 19 cases are rising in Europe. A world health organization official has said that Europe is at the epicenter of the pandemic.

Let's begin by taking a look at Germany, Germany is dealing with a dramatic surge in infections. The state of Saxony has announced new curbs for people who have not been vaccinated against Covid 19 or recovered from the disease on Monday. Access to indoor, dining and other indoor events will be limited to those who are fully vaccinated or can show proof of recovery from Covid.

Saxony has the lowest rate of vaccination. Just 57 percent of people have been fully vaccinated here. The state of Baden has ordered expansive PCR tests for unvaccinated people seeking access to indoor, dining, or other activities.

The new rules would mark the toughest statewide restrictions in Germany against people who have not been Vaccinated so far. Only children and those who cannot receive jobs due to medical reasons will be exempt. The surge in cases comes at a time when the country is in political limbo.

Following September's general election, the incoming coalition parties will form the government in early September. Now they have ruled out mandatory jobs and said there will be no new lockdowns, at least for the vaccinated. However, several other german states have Introduced new measures for those who have not taken the jab since Saturday.

Bavaria will limit certain events and spaces in Covid hot spots for people who have taken both the jabs or can show proof of recovery. Germany's regional health ministers have called for covet booster jobs for everyone. This comes as the country struggles to tackle the fourth wave of Covid.

Germany has reported more than 37 000 new infections in just the last 24 hours. Coming now to Austria. Those who have not been fully vaccinated against covert have been barred from public places like cafes, restrooms, and salons.

This means, and this measure comes as infections, continue to rise. In Austria, there will be a four-week transition period. Those who are partially inoculated and have a PCR test will be granted admission to these places post that only fully vaccinated people and those with proof of recovery will be allowed in such places.

Roughly 64 of Austria's population has been fully vaccinated so far. It is one of the lowest vaccination rates in western Europe. Many Austrians are skeptical about vaccines.

On Friday, Austria recorded close to 10 000 new cases, shifting our focus to France now and french president Emmanuel macro will address the nation on Tuesday about the resurgence of Covid 19 cases. Infection rates have accelerated over The past month. New cases are rising by double-digit percentages.

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