COP26 Climate Summit: Several countries set coal phase out deadline

 Meanwhile, coal-induced damage to the climate is one of the key concerns of the ongoing cough 26 summits of Glasgow in the latest. The president of the united nations climate summit, Alok Sharma, has said that the end of the coal era is now in sight, while speaking at the cop 26 conferences Sharma said that coal is no longer the king of energy, The president's comments have come amidst pledges that Have been made by several major coal using nations to try to wean themselves off from the heavily polluting fossil fuel.

He said: Today we are seeing action on coal and it's at the heart of the energy transition. It has been a personal priority of mine since I took on this role and thanks to a package of support from the UK and our international partners, 190 strong coalition has today agreed to phase out coal power and end support for new coal power plants. I think we can say with confidence that coal is no longer king.

The British government has made several promises to new or earlier deadlines for ending coal use and they've come from countries, including Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, and chile as well. On the other hand, several major economies have still not set a date to end their dependence on fuel. Those nations include the united states, china, japan, and India.

So, since the Paris agreement in 2015, there has been a 76 cut in the number of new coal plants planned globally. That's more than a thousand gigawatts of planned new plants canceled. The end of coal is in sight.

In addition, 24 countries, including Canada, the united states, and Denmark, together with public finance institutions, have signed a UK-led joint statement committing to ending international public support for the unabated fossil fuel energy sector by the end of 2022. . According to statistics, nearly about 500 million tons of coal is used in the world globally, and the power sector consumes.

The line's share of coal mostly Consists of carbon and is one of the major contributors to the rise of greenhouse gases. Some nations have also pledged to quit coal completely in the future, while others have said that they'll stop, building new plants and more including china have pledged to also stop the financing of new coal plants abroad.

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