China to punish those who supports Taiwan

 China has now decided to sanction the top Taiwanese officials after accusing them of being stubbornly pro-Taiwan independence, and what is interesting is that this list now includes the Taiwanese premier psy.

In Gwen, the Taiwan foreign minister and also the speaker of the Taiwanese legislature, China has said that it will be holding those who support, Taiwan's independence criminally liable for life or the. This is the first time China is in fact, spelling out the punishments that await the people, who are deemed to be backing Taiwan's independence. Now the list also goes on to include the top official or the top officials of the self-ruled, Ireland.

China's Taiwan affairs office has Named Taiwan's premier saying when and also the parliament's speaker as well. Besides the foreign minister, joseph wu, as has made as this list has been made public for the very first time, China will be enforcing punishments for those on the list by not letting them enter the mainland and also its special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Makkah such blacklisted individuals will not be allowed to cooperate with entities or people from the mainland, nor will their companies or entities fund them or be allowed to profit from the mainland. Netanyahu's move has also provoked anger and ridicule from the democrat and the autonomous island at a time of heightened tensions across the sensitive poverty straight.

Taiwan's mainland affairs council has admonished china and is said that Taiwan Is a democratic society with a rule of law and is definitely not ruled by Beijing. A statement bhattawan's mainland affairs offices said in our court. We do not accept intimidation and threats from an autocratic and authoritarian region.

Taiwan would take the necessary counter-measures to safeguard the safety and also well-being of the people. Meanwhile, in the Twitter post, Taiwan's foreign minister, joseph wu wrote - and I quote him here - I've received countless notes of congratulations after being blacklisted and sanctioned for life by the ccp. That is the Chinese communist party.

Many are jealous of not being recognized now. Some are asking as to how they can apply for it to deserve this rare honor I'll, be I'll, keep fighting for Taiwanese freedom and for democracy. China has not ruled out using force to bring Taiwan under its control, despite The island's claim that it is an independent country that will defend its freedom and democracy.

China believes that Taiwan's president sai inguin is a separatist who is bent on declaring formal independence. The sawing venus said Taiwan is already an independent nation called the republic of china.

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