China ramps up efforts to counter United States, builds mockups of US navy ships

China's military has built replicas of a u. s navy aircraft carrier and other u.s warships in an effort to possibly ramp up its military capability against Washington. Satellite images by maksa have pointed out these mock-up warships in the deserts of Xinjiang province. The satellite images depict targets in the shape of a u.s aircraft carrier and guided-missile destroyers at a new testing facility in Xinjiang's tuttler Makhan desert. Both types of vessels are deployed by u.s. seventh fleet, which patrols the western pacific, including the waters around Taiwan. China's anti-ship missile programs are overseen by the people's liberation army rocket force.

These recent developments accurately depict the Chinese people's liberation army's concern of the uss growing influence in the region. Despite a recent improvement in bilateral ties, the difference of opinion over Taiwan Has remained a key point of conflict between the two countries. Pentagon has raised concern that China is expanding its nuclear arsenal in the region more rapidly than ever before.

According to the pentagon's latest annual report, the Chinese military conducted its first confirmed, live-fire launch into the south china sea in July 2020, firing anti-ship ballistic missiles into the waters north of the sparkly islands, where China has territorial disputes With Taiwan and other southeast Asian countries

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