China conducts air drill to warn US near Taiwan | US China relations


China's military ordered four j-16 fighter jets and two surveillance planes to conduct what it calls a combat readiness patrol in the direction of Taiwan street. This maneuver was an apparent condemnation of a visit by a congressional delegation to Taiwan.

  A Chinese military spokesperson has called the visit seriously wrong. I'm quoting this seriously wrong. Taiwan's defense ministry, noting the intrusion in its Southwestern air defense zone, said that six military aircraft, including force j-16 fighter jets and two surveillance planes, were caught by the radar. This occurred, while unspecified members from both the united states house of representatives and the senator arrived in Taipei on a u. s military plane, both Taiwan's presidential office, as well as the American Institute in Taiwan. The de facto u.s embassy has refused to comment on the congressional visit. It Was china's defense ministry that said in a statement that members of the u.s congress had arrived in Taiwan by a military plane.  The Chinese defense ministry in an official statement warned that the Americans to immediately halt their provocative action. Beijing wants that this could further escalate tensions. Chinese military said that the maneuver was a test of its ability to operate across multiple forces. Now china has not ruled out using force to bring Taiwan Under its control, despite the island's claim that it is an independent country that will defend its freedom and democracy. Now earlier in June, three u. s senators made a brief visit weekend visit to Taiwan. This visit as well provoked china's ayah now cross street tensions have been rising in recent months with Taiwan complaining of a year or more of repeated missions By china's air force near the self-ruled island. That Beijing claims as its own. The island's defense ministry is also warned noting that Beijing, Taipei tensions were at their highest in years, but China is capable of blockading Taiwan's major ports and airports to cut off key transport links as well.

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