Bitcoin, Ethereum hit new record high, other cryptocurrencies also surge

As excitement for cryptocurrency adoption and fears about inflation, lent support to the asset class, now bitcoin and ether both have made record peaks in Asia. Trade today bitcoin rose as high as 67,803 dollars and ether The second-biggest cryptocurrency by market value hit 4825 in early Asian hours. 

Today, both have made more than double they have actually in value since June this year, they added nearly 70 against Dollars. Since the start of October, momentum has been gathering since last month's launch of a futures-based bitcoin exchange-traded fund in the u.s. 

It raised expectations of flow-driven gains, bitcoins, and flows. They totaled 95 million dollars last week, representing the lowest inflows, in fact, largest inflows of all digital assets, while inflows during eight weeks, bull run for crypto were 2.8 billion dollars.

In recent weeks. Australia's biggest bank Has also said it will offer crypto trading to retail customers. Singaporean authorities. 

They have sounded positive on asset class and spillover from a positive move in stocks has lent support to both cryptocurrencies. The move has helped the total market cap of cryptocurrencies. That has now reached 3 trillion dollars.

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