Beijing troubled by heavy air pollution


Beijing authorities have closed highways and school grounds due to smog and heavy pollution. Now, this heavy smoke comes in the backdrop of China, ramping up its cold production amidst a speculated power crunch, as its economy continues to reopen after the closures imposed by the pandemic.

A thick haze of smoke blanketed several parts of northern China on Friday, with Visibility in some areas having been reduced to less than 200 meters, schools were ordered to be shut and outdoor activities were curtailed. The footage on your screen shows a heavy blanket of smoke covering the city's central business. District highways leading to major cities such as Shanghai and Harbin have also been shot due to very poor visibility.

The pollution crisis has also come at a time as China is facing scrutiny over Its environmental policies. In the ongoing Glasgow cough 26 summits, the country has in fact increased coal production to ease an energy shortage that has forced factories to close in recent months. In his Glasgow speech, the Chinese president Xi Jinping urged the developed nations to provide more climate change, support to the developing nations but has stopped short of making any significant new commitments on behalf of China.

China, meanwhile, has pledged to cut emissions and reduce them to net zero by the year 2016.

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