Antony Blinken launches 'Havana Syndrome' probe A Mysterious Illness


U. S secretary of state, Anthony blinked, pledged on Friday to get to the bottom of the mysterious Havana syndrome, which some allege could be caused by Russian microwave attacks, lincoln detailed new efforts to investigate the illness which has affected hundreds of u.

s personnel. The state department on Friday named new officials for its investigation into the cases of the Havana syndrome. The development comes after increased Pressure from u.s lawmakers to investigate the causes of brain injuries in diplomats and intelligence officers. During a briefing addressing the issue, lincoln pledged to tackle these strange health incidents affecting u.s officials, he announced the appointment of Margaret Uehara a senior care coordinator for affected employees, and Jonathan Moore.

As coordinator of the department's response task force. Pretty simple People have been profoundly affected by this and when you sit down with our people and hear um, what's happened to them. How they've been affected um, it's very, very powerful, and it only reinforces in me the absolute conviction that we need to do everything possible For our people to care for them to protect them to get to the bottom of what happened.

But you can't help but be personally affected when you hear directly from our folks their stories how they've been affected, how this has affected their lives? We will get to the bottom of this and meanwhile, we'll do everything we can to care for our people officially. Call the Anomalous health incidents or the ahi the syndrome is believed to be caused by microwave radiation. First reported in the Cuban capital Havana in 2016-2017.

The symptoms include vertigo, headaches, hearing loss, nausea, and possible brain damage, u. s diplomats and intelligence officers residing in other countries, including China, Austria, Colombia and Russia have also reported cases of AHI.

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