Afghanistan's highest revenue-garnering industry takes a hit since Taliban takeover

One of Afghanistan's highest revenue, garnering grossing industries, happens to be that of dry fruits, and the pine nut is one of those dry fruits that is exported a lot by France, but since the takeover of the Taliban, this industry, of course, taken a hit. But the Taliban has promised to bring prosperity to the people.

Our correspondent, Anu malik, gets his report on how much the Taliban is likely to follow through with its promise of bringing prosperity for the common of gods. Afghanistan's fine nut industry is a lucrative source of income for people living in the eastern region of Afghanistan. The dry fruit is known as Afghanistan's white gold.

Afghan fine nut, which is an expensive dry. Fruit is popular in China, Pakistan, India, and other countries in the region. Connected in the eastern side of the country and then mostly exported after being brought to the capital, women of Afghanistan remain an integral part of the pine nuts industry.

Shopkeepers and exporters at Kabul's, polik, kishti bazar, are found complaining this year due to fewer business opportunities and exports. They also say that they would have to sell their white gold at a much cheaper rate this year Due to lesser business opportunities. I've been a shopkeeper in this market for the past six years.

I don't export, but instead, my market is the local Kabul market. There is a season for selling pine nuts in this season when pine nuts are sold abroad. It gives us a lot of benefits as well locally this year we have a lot of pine nuts, but we will have to sell them.

However, unfortunately, this year, pine Nuts cannot be exported to foreign countries earlier there used to be exported through airplanes, but now the air routes are largely closed this year. Some of it will go to Pakistan and then to other countries through the land route, but that would not be in the greater quantity. Comparatively the banking systems are closed.

The reason we are facing a lot of issues and a reason because of which our business is not thriving this year, we will export about Twenty percent of pine nuts compared to previous years, one hundred percent for the past ten years we have been working here. If any country does not have a proper system in place, then the business cannot thrive there. Our business is sustaining it's way lesser compared to past times this year.

If we send the pine nuts abroad, we would be forced to receive the payments in Dubai or any other. The third country, because the banking system in Afghanistan is not Functional, is very troubling for us. However, the Taliban government says that they do not just have a plan in place to capitalize the white gold's export, which gave the country over 54 million u.

s dollars in revenue. Last year, nurudeen Azizi, the minister for commerce and industry, says that they have multiple countries that are willing to invest in the sector of pine nuts pie. Nuts are an important factor of our country, and, since Afghanistan is Primarily agricultural, we've been working hard to make sure that these products are capitalized and that they reach their final destination.

Pine nuts is a product of Afghanistan and they're extremely crucial. We want others to invest in it so that the necessary marketing can be done. China is not the only one interested in the product.

There are others like the United Arab Emirates, European countries, central Asian countries. They are involved here And they are interested and we are exporting to them and we would like any interested parties to invest in this. China has been a major importer of fine nuts from Afghanistan just last year.

The country imported between one thousand and three thousand tons of pine nuts from Afghanistan. Last year, the Afghanistan pine nuts union had signed a contract with China to maintain the original status of pine nuts and develop its market globally. The fate of that contract remains unknown recently.

At a meeting in Doha, the Taliban's foreign minister, amir khan mutha, was seen gifting Afghan pine nuts to his Chinese counterpart. Afghanistan produces 33 000 tons of pine nuts. Every year.

Last year, the country's exports from pine nuts stood at 52 million us dollars this year. However, it's different shopkeepers here complaining Of a sharp decline following the Taliban's takeover of the country. Taliban minister for industries and commerce.

Mr nurudeen aziz says that the group has a plan and strategy in place to capitalize on fine nerd exports Anastas in Kabul, Afghanistan

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