Afghanistan: Afghan girls urge Taliban to not snatch their education

 it's been about 80 days since the Taliban stormed to power in Kabul seeking international recognition. The group and its government have now promised to honor the rights of the people, especially the women, and it has said that they'll be able to enjoy the same rights they did before the Taliban stormed to power.

They were also assured that there would be a new And progressive Afghanistan under the Taliban, but with each passing day, the Taliban is only distancing itself from all of these promises. Young girls have been confined to their homes, with schools for girls being shot. Women have not been allowed to return to work and Afghanistan's girls are now urging the Taliban to not snatch the right of their education.

Take a 20-year-old Russian literature undergraduate, whose aspirations to study And work have withered. Since the Taliban seized power, like hundreds of thousands of other Afghan girls and young women, Hawa has not been allowed to return to academics to fill her days and keep her mind occupied. She draws and sketches over books in her Kabul home.

As long as the Taliban exists here, I can't be hopeful about my future because when they don't allow girls to study from the first year than those of us who Go to university and also had jobs where helping our families, of course, nothing will come of us Because they say whatever we studied in the last 20 years is useless. When the women's ministry was shut down. When we went to protest, they told us who are you? Your only role is to cook get married and sit at home.

You don't need to work anymore. For many like Hawa, it is a feeling of frustration and anger. The Taliban has allowed all boys and younger girls back to class but has not let girls attend secondary school.

Most public universities are not functioning at all, or only partially. Seventeen-Year-Old Sahar wants to become an engineer, but for now, she has to learn at home as best she can. I would love to come back to my class resume my studies to be with my classmates and teachers for our studies To start again so that we can continue our studies and progress and serve our country.

When I see my younger sister and brother who go to school, I feel very sad for myself that I cannot study they, for example, come home and do their homework talk about their classmates and their studies, but I feel sad inside that I can't go to school Myself honoring their rights, including allowing women to study and work they are yet to Deliver on their promises. Taliban has instead blamed the international community for cutting off aid, making it harder to fund the reopening of schools and universities for all skepticism continues to grow over Taliban's tall. In power from 1996 to 2001, Progressive claims claimed that the Taliban banned all girls from schools and women from paid employment.

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