900,000 children getting COVID vaccines: White House

Now to the pandemic, and tonight health officials are sounding the alarm with the colder weather. Now, here, more Americans, of course, inside cases and hospitalizations are already on the rise in many states and what they're, seeing in colorado alone right here tonight.

All of this comes, as the white house says, nearly a million children 5 to 11 have already been vaccinated in just a week And in colorado, one of at least 20 states where cases are rising, that state now instituting crisis of care protocols. We've heard this before taking steps even before the FDA and CDC some authorities. There are calling on people in colorado, 18 and older to get boosters because of what they're seeing 93 of ICU beds in that state alone are now full.

Just a week after those first shots for Five to 11-year-olds, the white house today announced the country is on track to reach nearly a million vaccinations by the end of the day. Pediatric vaccination holds the promise of protection for our children, their families, and our communities. Vaccines for younger kids are now available at thousands of sites across the country, but with colder weather moving in covid once again on the rise and tonight officials are sounding the alarm.

Winter Is Coming, I mean covid, is not taking the winder off cases creeping up in 20 states with hospital admissions climbing across 10. . One of the latest hot spots is colorado, where four counties have vaccination rates below 30 percent.

Is that we're watching a train crash in slow motion, and we know exactly what to do to keep it from crashing, but it still keeps going. Hospitals have activated crisis standards of care to handle more patients. 93 percent of ICU beds in the State are full tonight.

The situation is so dire in colorado. They are stepping out ahead of the FDA by encouraging all vaccinated adults to get the extra shot. Is that something you're encouraging people to do 100 if you're over 18 and you're over six months? Since your second dose, please go get a booster.

That was really something to hear today:  some colorado authorities calling for boosters for everyone, 18 and older. Obviously, we know that's ahead of the FDA and the CDC do we have any idea of when federal authorities might approve Pfizer's request for boosters for everyone 18 and older yeah David, the FDA says they will make that decision as quickly as possible and while we don't Have exact timing here we do know they don't have to wait for a panel of experts to weigh in this time around.

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