8 dead, several injured, criminal probe opened into stampede

 Rapper Travis, Scott, and drake have been sued for having incited mayhem after eight people were killed and several others injured in a stampede at a texas concert at least two investigations and one civil lawsuit are underway into the deadly stampede. Houston, police chief has opened a criminal investigation by homicide.

Two of the victims were teenagers aged 14 and 16 caught in the crushing surge of the crowd as Scott Continued to perform it's a very depressing scene over here I just you, can you can feel everyone's pain. Twenty-Year-Old Maximiliano Alvarado was one of the concert-goers at rap star Travis Scott's, astroworld music festival that left eight killed and wounded dozens and says he saw bodies. Alvarado took this video posted on social media of fans being led to safety On Friday night.

You can feel everyone's frustration, confusion. You know it is supposed to be a good time, and this is not something you would expect be doing after going to a festival going to a memorial for the people that died in this festival, Alvarado contributed to a makeshift memorial at the concert venue in Houston on Sunday, Where some laid flowers wrote messages and lit candles in remembrance of those who perished during the stampede at the concert venue, workers were beginning to take down the surrounding fence and drone footage captured a deserted stage on Sunday but the scene Was far more chaotic on Friday night concertgoers cried for help, as the show appeared to go on with Scott seemingly unaware of the horror unfolding on the ground. I just want to send out prayers to the ones that were lost in a statement over the weekend.

Scott said that, while on stage, he could not imagine the severity of the situation, adding that he is absolutely devastated by the incident at least two investigations. One of them criminal were underway on sunday into the deadly stampede officials. In houston, said, autopsies were being performed as soon as possible, so Their bodies could be returned to family members with the identities of some of the dead expected to be released soon.

Houston mayor sylvester turner said the dead were young, some of them just 14 and 16 and others in their 20s.

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