Pfizer Requests Emergency Use Authorization For Kids Ages 5 To 11


Just in time for holiday travel that's when nearly 30 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 could become eligible for the Pfizer vaccine today the company officially asking the FDA for emergency use authorization, I think that is amazing I have been waiting for that for a long long long time according to Pfizer a dose one-third the size of that given to adults is both safe and effective.

 In Young children, I do think it will make a big difference in reducing sick days missing school potential for hospitalizations and other complications. the vaccine not only protects from the disease it protects from disruptions in life. doesn't it absolutely the FDA's advisory committee is expected to meet on October 26th? to make a decision convincing some parents may Be a challenge. Only 30 percent say they would get their children vaccinated immediately.

 It's something that I would definitely like to see a lot more information on the Pfizer announcement comes on a day. When two new studies expose the wide-ranging impact the pandemic has had on the nation's children. A report in the medical journal gemma found substantial and persistent declines in pediatric vaccinations for other illnesses, including measles. The Biggest drop took place when covid first hit but numbers are rebounding slowly because of staffing shortages and health center closures. 

Another study done by the CDC reveals that more than one hundred and twenty thousand children have lost a primary caregiver from covid a disproportionate number. 65 percent are racial or ethnic minorities. we do not yet have a coordinated response to address the needs of those children and the time is now to do that among the  Risks they face. Dropping out of school early violent behavior and depression this problem of being without your parent or caregiver is not something that young people or children recover from a reminder.

 That ensuring protection from the virus is a priority but rebounding from the damage done by the pandemic could be a lot harder.  Well, you may remember when the Pfizer vaccine was authorized for adults it took just three days the company tells us that they're ready to ship right away they are just waiting for the word.

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