Newcastle's takeover condemned by Amnesty International

Newcastle's takeover condemned by Amnesty International


Amnesty International has condemned the takeover due to the human rights record in Saudi Arabia. They've called on the premier league to change the owners and directors test and accuse them of paving the way for so-called sports washing the premier league has said they've received legally binding assurances that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will not be in control of Newcastle United. 

This joy is matched by Real tears from people who are facing enormous injustices in Saudi Arabia and look at this deal and see that right from the off this deal has been more about sports, washing the reputation of Saudi Arabia, which has terrible a terrible human rights record more about that than it has been about sports, so I totally understand that Newcastle brands that have their hopes and dreams in the club, but in a way for me, that's What really poses the question. Clubs are precious things.

  You know they are, they have a monopoly of their fan, support it's a precious thing. It's not like any other business. It's actually a very uh. It's an amazing privilege for someone to own a football club and I think for that privilege to be in the hands of something where it's being used to just wash the reputation of a place that has such penis terrible human rights abuses. That, for me, is just a really really sad Day:

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