‘Climate nomads’ from Camp Fire living in all 50 states


Tonight residents of paradise California are still recovering three years after the deadliest fire in California history. which all but wiped their town off the map, the fire creating a group of resilient so-called "climate nomads" forced to adapt to the new reality of fire season in California. those who returned home have now gained a new appreciation for what home means.

  The deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California history, the camp fire all but wiped the town of paradise off the map. Three years later many of the 27 thousand people displaced by the fire are still unable to return. Part of a growing group of so-called "climate nomads" forced to reckon with nature. Upending their lives and destroying their homes.

 A lot of their friends have left and not come back, which is Kind of hard for them. but it's just this is where home is for people out there.  With nearly every building in town destroyed they had nowhere to go.  initially living in various hotels for months their plumbing tools were destroyed in the fire. their earning potential at an all-time low and then insurance money running dry the family resorting to living in the wilderness.  Just a tent over their heads braving freezing temperatures and snowstorms.

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