18 Former NBA players Accused In Multimillion Dollar Health Care Fraud Scheme

The 18 NBA veterans are accused of ripping off the leaks health benefits plan by filing fake claims for medical procedures that never happened. the defendant's playbook involved fraud and deception prosecutors allege ex-NBA player Terence Williams orchestrated the scheme recruiting other players by offering fake invoices for chiropractic treatments and dental care. according to The indictment, they submitted nearly four million dollars worth of claims. The health plan paid out two and a half million. Williams allegedly got two hundred thirty thousand dollars in kickbacks from the other players in this industry. loses tens of billions of dollars a year to fraud these costs are then passed on to businesses and customers. Prosecutors say the scheme unfolded from 2017 through 2020. Ex-power forward Gregory smith is accused of seeking reimbursement for root canals in Beverly Hills. when he was actually playing basketball in Taiwan among the others charged Glenn Davis Shannon brown and six-time NBA all-defensive team member tony Allen along with his wife. late today Sebastian Telfair pleaded not guilty walking out of federal court with an ankle monitor the other former players have not yet commented on the NBA today. called the Allegations disheartening and promised to cooperate fully with the u.s attorney's office.

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